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Talladega   -     Eric Chruch

"Like a storm time rolls on..."

    "...Most days in life don't stand out,
        but life's about those days
        that we all like...!"


Im Meinem Leben   -     Nena

"Ich leb so gesund und Drogen nehm ich auch..."

    "...Und hier bist du, Hälst meine Hand und lachst -
        Weil du mich besser kennst als ich!
        Ich bin verliebt in dich, mein Leben will ich mir nicht 
        vorstellen ohne dich...!"


Last but not Least   -     Zac Brown Band

"I search for joy - and I find the pain..."

    "...And you're fine to stand in line -
        while history repeats
        But oh darlin not this time
        Last but not leats...!"


Desperado   -     Eagles, Don Henley

"You better let somebody love - before it's too late..."

    "...Now it seems to me some fine things
        have been laid upon your table,

        But you only want the ones
        that you can't get...!"



Over the rainbow   -     "IZ" Israel Kamakawiwo'Ole

"And the dream that you dare to, oh why - oh why can't I..."

    "...Some day I'll wish upon a star
        And wake up where the clouds are

        Far behind me...!"


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